Meet, Greet, and Eat

Take a lunch break and de-stress!

What is Meet, Greet, and Eat?

In collaboration with Creative Collective and the Global Student Centre, we are excited to introduce "Meet, Greet, and Eat" - a safe and inclusive space for students to hang out, meet new people, eat lunch together, and participate in fun and creative crafts. 

Meet new people

Participate in crafts

Chill and eat together

Play games with others

No material? No problem!

Our creative crafts use supplies that are commonly found in every student's home! All activities are optional. 

Enjoy doing crafts, or simply hang out and connect with others.

All students are welcome! 

Where does it take place?

Meet, Greet, and Eat happens online via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link by email an hour before the event starts.

If you're a graduate student, check out Meet, Greet, and Eat - Graduate Student Edition!

Looking for more opportunities to connect with others? Check out Creative Collective!

How do I join? 

Register by completing the WebSurvey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ricky Tu at

Upcoming Session

About the Facilitators

Each session consists of a range of facilitators who are happy to have a conversation on a wide range of topics, including tips and strategies while at SFU.

Ricky Tu

Ricky is HCS' Transition Case Manager, who provides specific support for students from international pathways.


Jash Hans

Health Promotion Special Projects Assistant

Jash is a current student who provides programs in promoting a healthy campus community.