Upcoming Events

Fun and engaging social events are great ways to meet new friends and make meaningful connections on campus. We offer variety of events including permanent residence workshop, welcome kickoff party, cultural celebrations, day trips to explore BC, and more.


We offer programs to enrich your social and cultural experiences during your time at SFU.

Global Community @ SFU

Join Global Community @ SFU. This program will give you the opportunity to learn about the culture of SFU and Canada while you meet new friends and explore your new home and what the community has to offer. 

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Global Community Graduate Program

The Global Community Graduate Program aims to support students from diverse pathways at SFU by fostering a sense of community amongst incoming and current graduate students.

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Global Engagement Student Committee

The Global Engagement Student Committee is a dynamic group of students from diverse backgrounds working to facilitate intercultural engagement, and to motivate fellow students to build a more inclusive campus community. 

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Experts in these topics below are invited to cover up to date information in the workshops offered in the Fall and Spring terms. 

Permanent Residence Workshop

Learn about federal and provincial immigration pathways in Canada after graduation.

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Social Insurance Clinic

Service Canada offers services at SFU to help you apply for Social Insurance Number on campus.

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U.S. Visa Workshop

Gain valuable insight regarding the visa application and interview process.

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