Upcoming Events

We offer a number of online events and opportunities to help you safely connect with your peers. You can also visit SFU Event Calendar for other events being offered by the SFU community.


We offer peer programs to enrich your social and cultural experiences during your time at SFU.

Global Connections Program

Are you new to SFU? This is a peer-led program that provides the opportunity to learn about the culture of SFU while making new friends and exploring what the community has to offer.

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Experts in these topics below are invited to cover up to date information in the workshops offered in the Summer, Fall and Spring terms. 

Get SFU-Ready: New Intl Student Q & A

These live Q & A sessions are for new incoming international students.

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Pathway to Permanent Residence: Live Q&A session

Learn about federal and provincial immigration pathways in Canada after graduation.

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