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Enrollment Requirements for International Students

Your enrollment at SFU affects your ability to work, study, and stay in Canada.

Enrollment Requirements for International Students >

Trip Planning

Plan your trip by reviewing useful information and resources about travelling to Canada.

Travelling to Canada >

Leaving the Airport >

What to pack >

Short-Term Accommodation >

Cell Phone Plans >


Understand housing options and learn your rights and responsibilities.

Housing options >

Where to look >

How to view a suite >

Housing terminology >

Your rights and responsibilities > 

Medical Services and Insurance

Information on the Canadian health care system and medical insurances during your stay in Canada.

Understanding Medical Services and Insurance >

Find a doctor, clinic, or dentist >

Visit your doctor >

Get medication >

Medical Insurance Terminology >

Employment and Volunteer

As an international student, there are restrictions on the type of employment you can have. This section describes your employment options and covers other employment topics, including volunteer regulations.

Work on campus >

Work off campus >

Co-op work permit >

Work after graduation >

Social Insurance Number >

Volunteer >


Find information on financial assistance, average costs of being an international student, tips on banking, such as money transfers and opening an account.

Banking >

Tuition Fees and Costs >

International Student Award for Intercultural Engagement >

Financial Aid and Awards >


Living in a new city can be exciting, but also confusing at first. Get to know the transit system in Metro Vancouver to learn how to get around. 

Public transit >

U-Pass BC Student Transit Pass >

Driving and parking>

Cycling >

Canadian Culture

Transitioning to a new academic and social culture can be challenging. Learn more about what to expect and how you can proactively address cultural transition issues.

Navigate a new culture >

Stages and symptoms of culture shock >

Coping with culture shock >

Understanding Canadians >

Academic culture in Canada >

English Language support >

Explore Metro Vancouver >

Support for your family

The spouses, partners and families of our students are a vital part of the SFU community. This section includes resources to help you and your family members navigate life at SFU and in Canada.

Child care >

Public education for 
children >

Personal and social support >

English language support >

Safety at SFU

Resources and contacts to help you stay safe while you are here.

Safety and campus security at SFU >

Sexual violence support and prevention office >

Next Steps After Graduation

Have you applied for graduation recently? This section covers important information you need to know about how to apply for the post-graduation work permit and other relevant information in preparation of your next steps after graduation.

Students graduated in Fall 2023

International Graduate Students >

International Undergraduate Students> 

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