Life in Vancouver Guide

Created in collaboration with student staff, volunteers, and International Services for Students staff - this course was created to introduce students to life in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada. 

Your first year is all about new friends and new opportunities. We have created this course to help incoming students learn about what life is like in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada. The course is designed to provide an overview of Vancouver, its culture and sights. Whether you are in Vancouver or Canada, or abroad in your home country - this is your chance to learn more about what this vibrant city has to offer. 

Module topics include:

  1. Welcome to Vancouver: brief overview of Vancouver and its diverse neighbourhoods
  2. Community Values: overview of four key Canadian values
  3. Interacting with Vancouverites: Vancouver social customs
  4. Speaking like a Vancouverite: Vancouver slang and communication styles
  5. Meeting New People and Getting Involved: tips and resources for getting involved at SFU and in Vancouver both virtually and in-person
  6. Food and Eating Out: includes local guides to eating, groceries, and tipping
  7. Sports and Outdoor Culture: a look into Vancouver outdoor culture and sports activities students can get involved in

Guide Format:

The guide is created using SFU Canvas. Split up into seven modules, the course provides information on living in Vancouver with choose-your-own-adventure learning. Please note this is a non-credit course. 

Modules include general information, videos, and resources.

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This guide is open to all SFU students and staff. You can log in by using your SFU email and self-enroll in this course. Whether you are in your home country or here in Vancouver, sign up to explore the world of Vancouver living.