Bouncing Forward: Online Resilience Course

Bouncing Forward is a free, non-credit Canvas course designed to help you build resilience and enhance your well-being.

It can be challenging to balance multiple roles in our daily lives, which is why we've created an online resilience course to help you do so. Bouncing Forward aims to teach you how to build your personal resilience, identify and access resources, and improve your well-being. You will be able to describe how resilience can help you be more flexible and adapt to change, examine the relationship between stress, success, well-being, and resilience, and practice resilience-building strategies. This course takes approximately three hours to complete.

For questions about this course, or if you are a faculty or staff member interested in exploring its content as an observer, please contact SFU Health Promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this course developed?

Being a university student can be stressful. Balancing demands of school work in addition to your other responsibilities can be challenging. This course will help you learn about strategies, tools and resources for supporting your well-being and resilience as a SFU student and beyond.

What will I gain from completing this course?

You will learn how to become more resilient by implementing effective strategies in your day-to-day life. The course will teach you about the different factors that make up resilience and well-being, explain how stress and success can affect resilience, and provide you with free resources that you can use to improve your well-being. It will also teach you how to improve social connection, create and work towards goals, improve self-awareness, become more mindful, cultivate a growth mindset, and be more self-compassionate.

This can also be included on your co-curricular record (CCR). To learn more about the CCR in general, check out the website.

What would I need to do for each module?

Each module in this course invites you to read through the content, complete a self-guided activity, learn more with selected readings or videos and connect the content with your own experiences through optional reflection questions.

How much time will this course take?

Typically, the entire course takes about 3 hours to complete thoughtfully. The course can be completed in at your own pace (e.g., one module per day or per week).

Who is this course offered by?

The course is offered by Health & Counselling Services' Health Promotion team.

Does this course cost money?

No, this course is free for all undergraduate and graduate students.

Will I have access to this course once I have completed it?

Yes, you can access the course until the end of the academic year. You can also keep copies of all the documents provided for future use. If the process for accessing the course changes, you will be notified in advance.

Will I lose access to the course if I don’t complete it?

You will only lose access to the course if you have not completed it by the end of the academic year. You will still be able to access the course, if you do not complete all the modules right away.

Will I receive university credits for this course?

No, you will not receive formal credits but you will be equipped with insights that are directly linked to learning and academic success. However, you can apply to get co-curricular record (CCR) recognition for this course by indicating that you wish to receive CCR recognition on the co-curricular record page.

Can my peers see if I am enrolled in this course?

No, only the Health Promotion team will know about your enrollment in the course and this information remains confidential. You can choose to disclose the information to others.

How can I provide feedback about the course?

We are very receptive to feedback and would love to hear what you thought of the course. You can let us know by completing the participant survey quiz or emailing us at