Sexual Health

Your sexual health is an important part of your well-being and we're here to support that. Sexual health has many aspects and dimensions. Take a moment to explore the broad definition of sexual health, a lens offered by Options for Sexual Health.

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, treatment, and information:

Unsure if you need testing? Feeling anxious or worried? Looking for sexual health information? We are here to support you in making informed and concensual decisions.

STI testing and sexual health information can be offered in person, by phone, or virtual appointment with a nurse or physician. 

You can also visit:

Looking for an STI test and don't want to come into the clinic?

If you have MSP, book a virtual appointment with a doctor or nurse, and we will fax your lab requisition to Lifelabs for urine and blood tests. Most STI tests can be done at a Lifelabs location, however some need to be done in person at a clinic. Your health care provider will discuss options with you at your appointment.
Note: we do not take blood for tests at our health clinics.
If you don't have MSP, you can still make an appointment and connect with us for testing or more information, or visit this website.
Always check with your health insurance provider as you may be eligible for reimbursement of funds for any lab costs. You may need to see a clinic physician to be eligible.

MSM/Trans students

Vaccines for Hep A/B/HPV are offered. Blood tests for Hep A may be required first. 

Prep/PEP can be prescribed by our doctors for free, if you are eligible, and the prescription can be picked up at our clinics.

Learn more about PrEP/PEP

Medical tests and screening

Pap tests transitioning to HPV tests

BC is transitioning from cytology (Pap test) to HPV testing as the primary screening method for cervical cancer. People with a cervix will be able to self-screen in most cases.

  • Screening kits will become available at our clinics
  • Students living in the community can also request by mail

Read more about cervical cancer screening here

Most types of internal genital cancers can be prevented by getting your HPV vaccine.

Healty & Counselling offers Gardasil-9 (HPV Vaccine). There is a series of 3 doses recommended. Book with or speak to a nurse about any questions you may have.

If you have not completed your HPV vaccine series, you may be eligible for a publicly funded vaccine. more

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) & Testing

Symptoms can include burning, pain or discomfort when you pass urine, and frequent urination. If you think you may have a UTI, make an appointment to see a doctor and have a urine test done in clinic or at LifeLabs.

  • Your local pharmacy may also be able to treat an uncomplicated UTI and yeast infections. Learn more


Contraception and pregnancy

For general contraceptive options, please book an appointment with a doctor by calling our clinics.

  • IUD (consult/insertion/removal)
  • Nexplanon
  • Depo Provera
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Nuva Ring

The health clinics no longer sell oral contraceptives and Nuva Ring, but prescriptions are still available through a doctor's appointment, and the doctor will fax a prescription to your pharmacy. For more information about contraception, view this link.

Emergency Contraception

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill/Plan B can be used within 5 days of having unprotected sex. Plan B/Contingency costs $15.00 to $20.00 and is available in clinic.

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill/Plan B is available at most pharmacies without a prescription, and at OPT clinics.

Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy testing is available by appointment in clinic. Pregnancy tests are also available at the SFSS Women's Centre, and can be mailed to you by request. See below for more info.

Pregnancy options can be discussed at an appointment with a doctor or nurse.

prescriptions The full cost of many prescription contraceptives for BC residents can now be covered with a prescription.

Sexual Violence Emergency Support

You can book a same-day appointment at our clinics. Call the front desk or connect with Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO).

Additional Resources

Options for Sexual Health BC:

Provides access to quality sexual educational materials and general information, with a service number for questions.

Get Checked Online

Provides free and confidential online STI testing services provided by the BCCDC.

Health Initiative for Men (HIM)

Health Initiative for Men is a non-profit society that aims to strengthen the health and well-being of gay men.

Sex & U

Credible and reliable sexual education and information.

Smart Sex Resource

Provides sexual health education and resources with a focus on British Columbia.