Images at campus indoor events


BC's FIPPA states that: "A guardian of a minor may act for the minor in relation to the following sections of the Act if the minor is incapable of acting under that section…” [BC FIPPA]

Kinds of consent

  • Consent and Release for Minor Child Form – In most circumstances, a parent or guardian must provide consent for child(ren) by signing the appropriate model release form, or providing email confirmation or other release statement that provides formal permission.

    Note: If a parent/guardian provides consent for child to attend a campus event, where it has been communicated that the event will be photographed or videotaped (e.g., Highland School children attending Terry Fox event), then it is permissible to photograph children and to publish photos related to that event. It is not permissible to use such photos for any other purpose without written permission.

Options to publish

  • Normally, it is best practice to avoid taking photos of children (minors), especially without parental permission. Exception: See Students under 19.
  • If parent/guardian’s consent is obtained, may publish as described in the release form. Images of minors cannot be repurposed without written permission of parent/guardian.
  • If consent of a minor has not been obtained and a child’s image has been captured incidentally, blur face so that child is not identifiable, or do not use image.

References and forms

Indoor events include:

Carnivals, celebrations, ceremonies, formals/galas, meetings, receptions, student residences (including move-in/move-out inside buildings, dining hall, sales, special events, workshops.