Images at campus indoor events


If the minor is capable of making decisions, such as a 17 or 18 year-old student enrolled at university, then it could be argued the minor is capable of making this decision.

Kinds of consent

  • SFU Model Release form may be signed, or on camera consent given, or email confirmation received, or other release statement may be obtained as consent by a capable minor, such as a student under the age of majority (19) enrolled at university. This provides consent for the student’s image to be captured and published as described in the consent agreement.

Options to publish

  • If consent from a capable minor is obtained then image may be published up to the described limitations in the release.
  • If consent from a capable minor is obtained by email or general notice, then images should not be repurposed without written permission.
  • If consent has not been obtained and a child’s image has been captured incidentally, blur face so that child is not identifiable, or do not use image.

References and forms

Indoor events include:

Carnivals, celebrations, ceremonies, formals/galas, meetings, receptions, student residences (including move-in/move-out inside buildings, dining hall, sales, special events, workshops.