Anthony Perl

Director and Professor, Urban Studies and Political Science
   Room 2111, SFU at Harbour Centre

Annika Airas

Term Lecturer, Urban Studies
   Room 2134, SFU at Harbour Centre

Karen Ferguson

Professor, Urban Studies and History
   Room 2123, SFU at Harbour Centre

Aude-Claire Fourot

Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Political Science
   Aude-Claire Fourot
  Room 2119, SFU at Harbour Centre

Peter V. Hall

Professor and Associate Dean, FASS, Urban Studies and Geography
   Room 2128, SFU at Harbour Centre

Meg Holden

Professor, Urban Studies and Resources and Environmental Management
   Room 2124, SFU at Harbour Centre

Mohsen Javdani

Associate Professor, Public Policy and Urban Studies
   Mohsen Jovdani
  Room 2109, SFU at Harbour Centre


Tiffany Muller Myrdahl

Senior Lecturer, GSWS and Urban Studies
  Room 2109, SFU at Harbour Centre

Patrick J. Smith

Professor, Urban Studies and Political Science
   Room 2119, SFU at Harbour Centre

Yushu Zhu

Assistant Professor, Urban Studies and Public Policy
   Room 2116, SFU at Harbour Centre

Associate Faculty

Nicholas Blomley

Professor of Geography
   Nicholas Blomley
Research Interests: Law and geography, land and property, poverty and legal marginalization

Andréanne Doyon

Associate Professor, Resource and Evironmental Management Planning
   Andréanne Doyon
Research Interests: Urban environmental planning, climate justice, sustainable housing

Noel Dyck

Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology
   Noel Dyck
Research Interests: Anthropology of sport and childhood, immigration and nationality

Nicolas Kenny

Associate Professor of History
   Nicolas Kenny

Atiya Mahmood

Associate Professor of Gerontology
   Atiya Mahmood
Research Interests: Environmental gerontology with a focus on: the interconnections of aging, the built environment, health

Meghan Winters

Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences
   Meghan Winters and CHATR Lab

Adjunct Faculty

Alexandru Balasescu

Adjunct Professor

Frank Cunningham

Adjunct Professor

Lisa Freeman

Adjunct Professor

Seth Klein

Adjunct Professor

Leanne Roderick

Adjunct Professor

Michael von Hausen

Adjunct Professor

Andrew Yan

Adjunct Professor


Terri Evans

(On Leave) Manager, Academic & Administrative Services
   Room 2115, SFU at Harbour Centre

Karen Sawatzky

(Acting) Manager, Academic & Administrative Services
   Room 2115, SFU at Harbour Centre

Lindsay Sands

(Joint appointment with Gerontology and Public Policy) Communications Coordinator