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Gain the skills, knowledge and resources you need to become an entrepreneur, all with the encouragement from a tight-knit community and a unique approach that works with your individual needs.

Starting any kind of business is tough. We give you the tools to make it happen.



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I was first introduced to the power of mentorship at SFU through Venture Connection,” says Cheng. “When learning a skill or honing a craft, you seek out coaches and teachers—entrepreneurship is no exception. I've carried this important lesson with me all these years and I continue to actively seek out mentors as I tackle new challenges.


Mike Cheng, co-founder Lumen5,, WittyCookie

Being a part of the Venture Connection family has done wonders for the Camp We Empower family. We have been able to learn new concepts with guidance; which has allowed us to grow, both as individuals and as an organization.


Rochelle Prasad, Co-founder, SPARK Foundation

Venture Connection is helping Ionomr and many other exciting ventures bridge the ‘valley of death’ from idea to established company with significant support and mentorship. This is helping us make the right decisions and build the relationships we need to succeed in the market."


Ben Britton, Co-founder and CSO, Ionomr Inc.

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