• Depictions of Women in STEM: Dr. Claire SaundersDepictions of Women in STEM: Dr. Claire Saunders
    After being a lovable science geek named Fred on the show Angel, Amy Acker returned to the “Whedonverse” in Dollhouse as medical doctor, Dr. Claire Saunders.

  • Lucy WillsLucy Wills
    Over the years countless women have taken folic acid during pregnancy, but how many people actually know how this discovery came about? In the 1920s, while studying anemia in pregnant women, Lucy Wills discovered the benefits of folic acid by giving monkeys, and finally women, Marmite. It was this discovery that led to healthier pregnancies for generations to come.

  • CWSE National Chair Network Conference Funding AnnouncementCWSE National Chair Network Conference Funding Announcement
    If you're organizing a STEM-related conference in Canada, make sure to apply for the NSERC CWSE National Conference Grant! The NSERC CWSE National Conference Grant has been established to provide funding to conference organizers for participant travel or participation costs for people in STEM studies or careers to attend national conferences and workshops in Canada.

  • Press Start: Diversifying and Destigmatizing GamingPress Start: Diversifying and Destigmatizing Gaming
    We're looking at awesome women and non-binary folks who develop, design, and play games!

  • Depictions of Women in STEM: Nomi MarksDepictions of Women in STEM: Nomi Marks
    It’s that time of year again where we do our special pride edition of our Depictions of Women in STEM in the Media series. When Netflix premiered the show "Sense8" no one really knew what to expect. What we got was weird and wonderful and gave us a representation of a trans character in STEM, in Nomi Marks, portrayed by a trans actress, Jamie Clayton.