• The Pink TaxThe Pink Tax
    So many people have stood in the shaving aisle looking at razors only to see that the pink ones for women cost a couple more dollars than the ones for men. Not only is this common, it has a name: the pink tax. Some people think the “pink tax” is too cutesy of a name, and maybe it is. However, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, products geared towards women are known to cost more. It’s not like the products are different either. Usually, the only difference is that they’re pink or have “for women” on the packaging.

  • Equity in ProfessorshipEquity in Professorship
    The topic of race or gender bias is a hotly debated topic in our media, which has pushed brands to introduce better diversity initiatives. For example, Apple now has nearly 40% of leaders under 30 that are women and 46% non-white employees. However, an issue that is rarely seen in media is that of diversity in many post-secondary establishments.

  • Depictions of Women in STEM: Ms. FrizzleDepictions of Women in STEM: Ms. Frizzle
    Ms. Frizzle, the loveable, often called "whacky" science teacher, has been a source of knowledge and entertainment for kids (and adults) since The Magic School Bus book series was first published in 1986.

  • The Scully EffectThe Scully Effect
    What kind of effect has Dana Scully of The X-Files had on women and their desire to pursue STEM fields?

  • Depictions of Women in STEM: Dr. Claire SaundersDepictions of Women in STEM: Dr. Claire Saunders
    After being a lovable science geek named Fred on the show Angel, Amy Acker returned to the “Whedonverse” in Dollhouse as medical doctor, Dr. Claire Saunders.