Research Partners

WWEST Research Partners are teams conducting research that is aligned with WWEST's mandate to increase diversity in scientific and engineering fields.

The goals of the Research Partners Program are to:

  • Facilitate collaboration between fields to discover policies and best practices that improve diversity within STEM fields;
  • Further the research and evidence towards awareness of the benefits of diversity in STEM; and,
  • Create awareness and change perceptions of STEM disciplines by providing more informative resources on STEM.

The Research Partners Program is open to research teams operating in a variety of disciplines, providing a connection can be made between the research and WWEST’s ultimate goals and objectives.

WWEST supports research by joining or supporting grant applications, as well as directly funding research initiatives. Research Partners also qualify to apply for funding from the WWEST and eng·cite Funding Partners program.

If you would like more information about becoming a WWEST Research Partner please contact:

Current Research Partners:

Engendering Success in STEM (ESS)
A research partnership with the shared goal of fostering women's inclusion and success in STEM. Bringing together scoial scientists, STEM experts, and stakeholders in STEM industry and education, to break down the biases girls and women face on their pathway to success.

UBC Sociology
A group of committed scholars who are interested in studying barriers to gender equality in STEM. The group is a collaboration between Dr. Kerry Greeg (UBC Sociology), Dr. Agnes d'Entremont (UBC Mechanical Engineering), and Katherine Lyon (UBC Sociology PhD candidate).