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Why Gender Diversity?

Below you will find some information for how you can support gender diversity in your organization, as well as information that will help you in your career.

But first, take a look at the documents on the right, as they lay the foundation of the issue and why supporing gender diversity makes business sense.

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WWEST's Gender Diversity in STEM

This book answers the questions "Why women in STEM?" "Why does it matter?" "Aren't we past bias in the workplace?" "What if engineering just isn't interesting to girls?" and "What can I do?" with factual, cited answers and evidence. Each topic is succinct, covered in an at-a-glance visual format. Its chapters are accompanied by commentaries from industry leaders and academic experts, selected to provide additional perspectives on the issue of gender diversity in STEM. Topics include: Microaggressions, The Business Case for Gender Diversity, Unconscious Bias, Stereotpye Threat, Social Idenity in the Workplace, Understanding Workplace Diversity for Managers, Gendered Language and Stereotype Awareness for Hiring Committees, Mentoring Works, What is Engineering?, and Why STEM? Information for Parents & Guardians.

A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs in Edtech: Driving the Future of Female Leadership in Technology
IT and tech fields have been traditionally largely male-dominated, however, women are starting to disrupt this trend in edtech. EdSurge found that 30% of education start-ups had at least one woman co-founder, which is nearly twice the percentage of women founders in other tech fields. This guide can help women who are interested in edtech find the right resources, both financial, educational, and organizational support to create a successful career.

A Guide for Women in STEM: Closing the Gender Gap

The resource from Master's In Data Science covers the issus women in STEM face, how to close the gender gap and promote equality in STEM fields, and several resources for women interested in STEM. 

Canada's Gender Equity Roadmap

After 9 weeks on the road and 10 months of analyzing conversations with 1,600+ women and men in 30+ Canadian tech communities, Women in Tech World (WiTWorld) is proud to present Canada’s Gender Equity Roadmap, a community-driven action plan to support and advance women in tech.

CGGGA Director's Playbook

There is strong evidence that organizations with gender diverse boards and senior leadership are more likely than their counterparts to yield stronger financial results in the long term, and to enjoy a more positive and empowering organizational culture. While diversity entails several facets, the focus of this Playbook is on practical steps to move towards greater gender balance.

COMPASS (Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea)

COMPASS was founded to support marine scientists (and today, all environmental scientists) in their efforts to communicate. Their mission is to help scientists effectively share their knowledge in the public discourse and decision-making. Their organization provides practical support for scientists to engage without compromising the accuracy of their science. Their focus has also expanded from ocean science to environmental science broadly. They provide science communications training, coaching, networking, and the "Message Box," which is a tool to help you sift through the mountain of information you hold in your head about your work and identify the "essential nuggets" for your chosen audience.

Ellevate: Invest in Women

This online network allows you to connect with a global community of professional women who create, inspire, and lead. 

How to Be An LGBTQ+ Ally in the Workplace

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and respected at work, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, about half of LGBTQ+ persons fear coming out in their workplace because they worry it will negatively impact their career. With more and more people coming out every year (8 in 10 Americans know someone who identifies as lesbian, gay or bisexual) it’s more crucial than ever to be an ally.

Lead it Yourself

Expertly-researched strategies for increasing diversity and inclusion in STEM faculty. Hundreds of crowd-sourced guides, templates, and reference materials. All in one place.

Trailhead: Cultivate Equality at Work

These free, easy-to-read learning modules cover the Business Value of Equality, the Impact of Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, and more. 

Unique Jobs for Math Majors

Having a math degree can prepare a person for a number of careers. This includes jobs in the field of mathematics itself and unique careers that take advantage of the specific skills math majors develop.

Virtual Career Resources for Finding a Job in the Post-COVID World
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected employees and organizations in virtually every industry. In addition to almost unprecedented levels of nationwide unemployment, a wave of individuals and organizations have transitioned to remote work. The exact nature of remote work depends on the company and the position, but recruiters for roles ranging from sales to product management and everything in between are still looking for talented employees who can thrive in the remote landscape.

Women in Aviation: Past, Present, and Future

Women have had a strong hand in the history of aviation but have experienced many setbacks along the way. However, with the pilot shortage, there has never been a better time to evaluate and work to correct the female underrepresentation.

Women in IT: A World of Opportunity [Infographic]

This infographic details how companies benefit from gender diversity, the job growth projections for various information technology occupations, the leading tech companies that employ (relatively) high numbers of women, and the best U.S cities for women in IT.

Women in STEM: A Guide to Bridging the Gender Gap

Proponents of closing the gender gap in STEM fields point out that not only does the gap reflect unfair conditions and poor treatment of women in STEM fields, but it also reduces the quality of work and innovation being done in these fields. They argue that scientific progress relies on unique solutions that arise from diverse perspectives, and that closing the gender gap and making STEM fields more diverse will help to ensure that tomorrow’s scientists are approaching problems from a variety of different perspectives.

Women in the Workplace

Women remain underrepresented at every level in corporate America, despite earning more college degrees than men for thirty years and counting. There is a pressing need to do more, and most organizations realize this: company commitment to gender diversity is at an all-time high for the third year in a row. Learn more—and what you can do about it—in the Women in the Workplace 2017 study.

Women of Impact in the Canadian Materials, Metallurgy, and Mining Fields (book)

“Women of Impact” is a celebration of women’s achievements in science and engineering. Based on in-person interviews, this collection profiles eighteen women who have made significant contributions to the fields of materials, metallurgy, and mining in Canada. Their compelling stories and impressive achievements reveal how women have defied stereotypes, pushed through barriers, and passionately engaged with their industry

Women of Innovation: The Impact of Leading Engineers in Canada (book)

A unique opportunity to discover twenty accomplished women who have pursued successful careers across Canada in the fields of materials, metallurgy, and mining. The book features profiles of: Colleen Legzdins, Claire Deschenes, Jill Green, Amanda Kalhous, Valerie Orsat, Stephanie Willerth, Ying Zheng, Gennane Beck, Denise Pothier, Margaret Kuzyk, Catherine Harwood, Catherine Mulligan, Jeanette Southwood, Izabela Witkowska, Monique Frize, Elizabeth Croft, Carolyn Ren, Goldie Nejat, Elizabeth Cannon, Jennifer Smith.

Women in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

It’s important that women’s participation in cryptocurrency business and blockchain tech happens quickly. Early adopters who develop blockchains and invest in cryptocurrencies before they go mainstream get the lion’s share of its wealth and influence. Unless women get involved soon, two important opportunities might get missed: the chance to make their mark on modern finance, and the moment to share the wealth that new, successful technologies bring. Whether you are a woman—at any stage in your career—trying to break into cryptocurrency, or perhaps you are writing a grant to obtain support for women in crypto-related pursuits, this directory contains a comprehensive set of resources.

35+ initiatives to get more women into cybersecurity

With a gender imbalance in the cybersecurity field, there are lots of initiatives that aim to get women more involved. We discuss the cybersecurity gender gap and reveal more than 35 initiatives that are helping to close it.

Trans Job Seeker Guide: Overcoming Obstacles in the Job Market

Not only do trans workers often face discrimination while job hunting, they also face a variety of complex situations not traditionally covered by college career centers or other resources. Topics such as finding trans friendly workplaces, pronouns on your resume, and legal rights are sadly neglected. This resource walks you through your rights as a trans worker in an easy to follow format with lots of tips. Please note some information in this article is specific to the United States, but you can also find great resources for Canadians at the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

2021 Salary Guides

A resource for salary research tools & links, to help with salary negotiation, put together by our community partner Talent Collective.