Post-Secondary Resources

Below are resources to support the post-secondary community to encourage diversity in Engineering, Science and Technology.

We hope students will feel more supported in their studies and navigating career while the faculty and administration will understand how to encourage all of their students to embrace diversity.

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WWEST's Gender Diversity in STEM book

This book answers the questions "Why women in STEM?" "Why does it matter?" "Aren't we past bias in the workplace?" "What if engineering just isn't interesting to girls?" and "What can I do?" with factual, cited answers and evidence. Each topic is succinct, covered in an at-a-glance visual format. Its chapters are accompanied by commentaries from industry leaders and academic experts, selected to provide additional perspectives on the issue of gender diversity in STEM. Topics include: Microaggressions, The Business Case for Gender Diversity, Unconscious Bias, Stereotpye Threat, Social Idenity in the Workplace, Understanding Workplace Diversity for Managers, Gendered Language and Stereotype Awareness for Hiring Committees, Mentoring Works, What is Engineering?, and Why STEM? Information for Parents & Guardians.

Gender Diversity in STEM Executive Summary

Mentoring Works


ASU Careerwise
The anytime online coach for graduate women in science and engineering.

Award and Scholarship Database
A collection of STEM-related awards and scholarships available to post-secondary students. 

Careers of the Future
By "future" careers they mean jobs that will be there waiting for you when you graduate--ones in advance manufacturing, and at the leading edge of technology. 

Data Science Programs
Data Science Explorer provides community resources that are centered around higher education in the US. 

Expert Women 
Canadian database of expert women working to increase the number of female voices in the media. 

Immigrating Women in Science (IWIS)
Provides support to immigrating professional women to develop a community where women can share their experience, seek advice and broaden their networks.

Make Possible
A free mentoring network to advance professionals in science and technology careers created by SCWIST.

Master's in Data Science
Data science is the study and application of large data analysis, mining and programming to reveal insights that can be used to communicate, capture and maintain intelligence for businesses and organizations.

Nerd Girls
A growing global movement which celebrates smart-girl individuality that’s revolutionizing our future

Science 101 Adult Science Course at UBC
The program provides an introductory Science education to adults who have historically had difficulty accessing university. There is no fee for the course and no pre-requisite knowledge is required.

Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
Promotes, encourages and empowers women and girls in science, engineering and technology.


  • Report:  An Assessment of the Working Climate for the Engineering Faculty at the University of British Columbia, (Vancouver Campus), 2012/13

Project Implicit
An online test that measures your implicit associations about race, gender, sexual orientation and other topics.


  • Report:  An Assessment of the Working Climate for the Engineering Faculty at the University of British Columbia, (Vancouver Campus), 2012/13
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Tips for Supporting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion During Crisis & Disruption -English -French, 2021