Industry Partners

WWEST Industry Partners are for-profit organizations that support WWEST's vision to increase diversity in scientific and engineering industries.

The goals of the Industry Partners Program are to:

  • Engage with organizations in industry that are champions in promoting diversity in STEM;
  • Create awareness and change perceptions of STEM disciplines among youth, teachers, and academics;
  • Provide resources and best practices on diversity to members of the Industry Partners Program;
  • Promote opportunities in STEM to professionals, youth, academics, and teachers;
  • Forge connections between organizations working towards these same goals to facilitate collaboration; and,
  • Provide opportunities to participate in research projects.

The program acts as a connector between organizations who have a commitment to diversity - Partners can expect to collaborate with a variety of dedicated organizations across the BC/Yukon region at the annual Industry Partners meeting hosted by WWEST.  Industry Partners are also often allied with non-profit organizations in the community, where they can lend support to trailblazing initiatives on diversity in STEM.

To increase diversity in their organization, Industry Partners benefit from training and resources provided by WWEST.  Industry Partners can also support WWEST’s efforts by participating in research, donating resources, and formally sponsoring events. 

You can find the Industry Partners Terms of Reference and an informational flyer about the Industry Partners Program below. 

If you would like more information about becoming a WWEST Industry Partner please contact: