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WWEST Gender Diversity 101 White Papers

White Papers now available in French / en fran├žais.

Also check out the WWEST Gender Diversity in STEM Book, which responds to common questions, topics, and misconceptions with factual, cited answers and evidence in a succinct, at-a-glance visual format.

What is Engineering?

The Business Case for Gender Diversity

Understanding Workplace Diversity for Managers

Why STEM? For Parents and Guardians

Gender Diversity in STEM Executive Summary

Social Identity Threat in the Workplace

Mentoring Works

Unconscious Bias

Gendered Words in Job Advertisements

Stereotype Threat


Gendered Language and Stereotype Awareness for Hiring Committees

EES: Implicit Gender Stereotypes in Engineering

EES: Measuring Representation in Your Organization

EES: Gender Inclusive Policies and Practices in Engineering

ESS: Bias Busting Strategies for Individuals

ESS: Bias Busting Strategies for Institutions

ESS: Bias Busting Strategies for Interpersonal Interactions