White Papers

WWEST's White Papers are meant as infographics to inform the community, industry, academia, and secondary students and guidance counsellors about various topics in STEM, including how to create a more diverse and empowered STEM workforce, STEM careers, and issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM. Some of these White Papers were created by the former NSERC BC/Yukon Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (2015-2010), and WWEST under Chairholder Dr. Lesley Shannon (2015-2021) is working on new White Papers to be released.

These White Papers are aimed towards students, parents, and high school counsellors to inform them about what STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers entail - what they are and do, how to pursue them, and fun facts about them.

These White Papers are to inform industry and the community about practices to create more equitable and diverse workplace or education communities. These White Papers also include information for employees and job seekers.

Vous pouvez trouver ces documents infographique en fran├žais ici.