2019: A Year in Review

January 01, 2020

Written by: Alicen Ricard

A new year (and a new decade!) is here, which means it's time to reflect on the past year. 2019 was another exciting year for WWEST. We continued working on existing projects, and even started some new ones. 

Here are some 2019 highlights:

Creating Connections 6.0

We held our biennial Creating Connections conference from May 3-4, 2019. It had our highest amount of attendees yet at 284. Our keynote speakers were Michele Romanow ("Dragon" on Dragons' Den and Co-Founder of Clearblanc), Ella Chan (Sci-Files on YouTube), and Sabina Nawaz (global CEO coach and leadership speaker). Creating Connections 6.0 was a diversity conference focused on attracting, engaging, and retaining women and underrepresented groups in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This conference included presentations and workshops surrounding issues of personal and professional development, networking, and inspiration. We aim to engage industry, the community, and students to increase the awareness and participation of women and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields of study and careers, and to better prep industries for sustainable solutions and developments so everyone can explore and participate in STEM. This year's conference also included a Negotiation Skills for Women workshop which equipped women with the knowledge, support, and skills to advance their careers. Participants learned about adjusting your mindset around negotiation, how to know your worth, and how to ask for what you want. You can read the full report here. 

Best of the WWEST

The Best of the WWEST Podcast is still going strong. We are up to 68 inspiring episodes, 23 from this year alone. Some of our favourite episodes include:

Mily Mumford, Writer/Director/Scientist
Tara Robertson, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Mozilla
Dana Mills, Youth STEM Outreach Coordinator, Yukon College
Leigh Joseph (Styawat), Ethnobotanist & Community Activist
Leanne Roed, Game Designer & Artist

We look forward to more great episodes in 2020. You can listen to all our episodes at or wherever you get your podcasts.


This year we published 22 blog posts. We even won the Science Borealis People's Choice award for our blog this year.

Some of our favourite blog posts from this year were:
Starting STEM Early
4 Ways to Create Equality in the Workplace for Women
Supporting Women in Trades
Press Start: Diversifying and Destigmatizing Gaming
Lucy Wills
The Pink Tax

You can check out our other blog posts here

Media Depictions of Women in STEM

Our Media Depictions of Women in STEM Series has also grown this year. We published 6 depictions as well as an update on how representation of women in STEM is going. This year we did depictions on:

Shuri, Black Panther
Honey Lemon and Go Go Tomago, Big Hero 6
Nomi Marks, Sense8
Dr. Claire Saunders, Dollhouse
Ms. Frizzle & Fiona Frizzle, The Magic School Bus
Dr. Sharon Hayes, Two Turtle Doves

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