STEM Activities for Kids

April 09, 2020

Written by: Alicen Ricard

With everyone social distancing and staying at home right now, it can be hard to keep kids entertained while still trying to educate them. One thing that could keep them busy and happy while also helping them learn is to do science activities. WWEST has pulled together some resources to get you started and will continue to share some great content on our social media channels too. has a great list of science fair project ideas that you can filter by age. If you have multiple kids you could do one activity which each child and create your own at-home science fair. The site also has lesson plans and lot of resources for at-home learning. Normally you have to pay to use the site but right now their resources are free due to school shutdowns. 

Happy Hooligans

Happy Hooligans is a blog chock full of of fun science activities for kids. The activities incorporate science and play and they all use household items and supplies. The blog also has arts and crafts ideas and kid friendly recipes. 

Mommy Poppins

Mommy Poppins is a blog based out of New York filled with tips and tricks. There is a whole section dedicated to science activities for kids using household items. 

Fun Learning for Kids

Fun Learning for Kids is a blog that incorporates learning and play. The site is full of fun and colourful science activities for kids. 

Science Buddies

Science Buddies is a website of STEM activities. "Explore their favorite experiments, engineering challenges and demonstrations with these fun hands-on STEM activities! Materials are easy to find, most activities take an hour or less, and the STEM learning is limitless."

Little Bins Little Hands

Little Bins Little Hands is another website full of STEM activities. Activites include chemistry, weather, space, ocean, and more. 

Geering Up

UBC's Geering Up has a list of online resources and STEM events and activities you can do with your kids. 

Let's Talk Science

UVIC's Let's Talk Science also has a list of resounces and online STEM events and activities. 

Science al!ve

SFU's SCIENCE AL!VE has moved online and has lots of resources and activities. 

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