Episode 78: Yuka Takemon, PhD Student, Genome Science and Technology

June 02, 2020

Yuka Takemon joins Best of the WWEST host Danniele in a socially-distanced interview to talk all about bioinformatics and why research in the field can give quick rewards. Yuka also dives into her identity as a member of the LGBTQIA and STEM communities and the importance of being visible in both. Plus, she reveals how she kicks stress to the curb and other fun facts during the lightning round!

Guest: Yuka Takemon (Twitter)

Yuka Takemon is a PhD Student in the Genome Science and Technology program at the University of British Columbia. Yuka is also a member of Marra Lab at Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer, where she conducts her research. Her research focuses on using genomic information from obtained tumours of cancer patients to inform researchers and clinicians of potential vulnerabilities that may be present, in order to create personalized treatment options. Yuka received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic and her Masters in Bioinformatics from the University of Maine.

When she is not busy in the lab, Yuka is an instructor with RStudio and the Carpentries, introducing basic bioinformatics and data analysis skills to graduate students and researchers. She also serves on the Vancouver Dyke March board to support the annual march and to empower and celebrate women and femmes.

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