Episode 82: Rebecca Sorbara, Applied Science Technologist/Director of Building Science, McCuaig & Associates

July 28, 2020

Working in technology, construction, and engineering often is portrayed in just one way, but Rebecca Sorbara is here to tell us that there are many rewarding non-conventional careers in these fields. She joins Danniele, WWEST manager and Best of the WWEST host, to get nerdy about building science. Everyone comes into contact with buildings every day, and Rebecca explains why her passion for keeping buildings dry and keeping walls doing what they do best is so important. Plus, she tells us all about sustainability and answers the question “what is a passive house?”

Guest: Rebecca Sorbara (LinkedIn)

Rebecca Sorbara is the Director of Building Science at McCuaig and Associates Engineering. She leads a team of engineering professionals and oversees the development and implementation of organizational quality control processes. She also participates in recruiting and organizational management for this growing company. Rebecca is an Applied Science Technologist with 18 years of experience in building science and project management. She recently obtained the designation of Certified Passive House Consultant and is passionate about implementing sustainable design and construction practices for our country’s stock of existing buildings. Rebecca is an active volunteer throughout her community and within the engineering and technology industry. Passionate about attracting and advancing women in the industry, Rebecca recently joined the Board of Directors of WinSETT (Women in Science, Engineering,
Trades and Technology). Rebecca is currently participating as a member of a Regional Action Committee on Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology (AWET) which is supporting Engineers Canada 30 by 30 Initiative.

WWEST and Best of the WWEST would like to thank the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) for connecting us with the individual profiled above.

Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) is leading the Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology Project, a Sector Labour Market Partnership project, funded through the Canada-BC Workforce Development Agreement. The project’s goal is to increase the participation of women in the engineering, geoscience, technology and technician occupations through the implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies to recruit, retain and support career development of women to lead a system level cultural shift within these professions.

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