Episode 85: Dr. Lesley Shannon P.Eng, WWEST Chairholder & Professor (Computer Engineering, SFU)

October 20, 2020

Folks, we have finally done it. We finally interviewed WWEST Chair Dr. Lesley Shannon on Best of the WWEST! Danniele and Lesley dive into many things, including coping during the pandemic and how it is affecting not only women in STEM, but women everywhere; Lesley’s experience in university studying Computer Engineering, and even some fun things in the Lightning Round. You don’t want to miss this episode and learn all about the person behind everything at WWEST.

Guest: Dr. Lesley Shannon (Twitter)

Dr. Lesley Shannon P.Eng is a Professor and Chair for the Computer Engineering Option in the School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Shannon studies computer systems design. She works in a rapidly growing field that combines custom computing hardware and software to design and implement application-specific computer systems for applications in a wide range of areas including robotics, machine learning, aerospace and biomedical systems, multimedia applications, and cloud computing. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate students in the area of Computer Engineering; she received the 2014 APEGBC Teaching Award of Excellence in recognition of her classroom and out-of-class mentoring activities and her contributions in leading a redesign of the School’s undergraduate curriculum at SFU. Dr. Shannon has long been an advocate of increasing the diversity of students and workers in science- and engineering-related fields and was instrumental in developing programs to support a successful transition from high school into university.


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