Episode 93: Memma Uponi, Mechanical Engineering Student

April 13, 2021

Memma Uponi is only in her second year as a Mechanical Engineering student, but she's already making a huge impact. In this episode, she joins Mily Mumford, WWEST Research Coordinator, to chat all about how she's creating space and networking opportunities for Black women engineering students in North America, how she strives to build community that helps community, and her big goals and dreams. Plus, she tells us fun information about herself in the lightning round.

(Please excuse any audio hiccups in this remotely recorded interview.)

Guest: Memma Uponi (LinkedIn)

Memma Uponi is a 2nd-year mechanical engineering student with a double minor in business and robotics at the University of Toronto. She is a Yale Young African Scholar, Power Girl Africa, and a Girls in STEM advocate. She is dedicated to creating long-lasting, sustainable impact across Africa and solving major problems around the world using Engineering and Robotics. She is passionate about different social causes and co-founded the youth-led nonprofit organization called Forever Gratis Foundation, on a mission to cultivate leadership skills in youth and give them the opportunity to engage in various social impact projects that provide solutions to the ongoing issues Africa faces today. In an effort to bring awareness to Girls in STEM and close the gap for black women working in industry,  she recently co-founded Black Women in Engineering, North America, a nonprofit that is dedicated to uplifting, connecting and securing technical internships for black, female students in Engineering. Additionally, she uses her social media to encourage confidence and leadership to girls in STEM. This coming May, Memma will be joining Deloitte Canada as an intern in the Industry Solutions Engineering team.

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Hosted by: Mily Mumford
Theme Music: “Positive and Fun” by Scott Holmes
Produced by: Vanessa Hennessey