May 06, 2021

STEMpede is an event for young women in STEM to learn and make connections.

University and upper-year high school students will hear from speakers who have hands-on experience in STEM. Attendees will learn about the careers of inspiring female speakers as well as the technical side of their work. After all, what better way to learn than from those who are the most passionate.

Often, when there’s an extra five minutes at the end of a lecture, students will ask their professors about the work they're doing or what they did to get their PhDs. Five minutes is not nearly enough to get the full picture. STEMpede will allow students to learn the details and give them opportunities to ask questions.

Attendees will also be able to network and visit the virtual student showcase booths. Prior to the event students will have chances to apply for a booth at STEMpede. Booths will put a spotlight on projects and give students opportunities to talk about their hard work with other attendees.

Date and time: May 5 10am - May 6 2pm
Cost: Free
Location: Online
Register: Here