Links & Buttons

Links can be added to your content through hyperlinks in your text, more links, and buttons. Having a CTA (call-to-action) on your page keeps your user engaged and provides the user with an action to do such as “sign-up now” or “register for a course”. 

Horizontal Buttons

Horizontal buttons are created in the list component and styled as a series of buttons in a row.

 Design Guidelines

Use on subpage as secondary navigation

  • Add Page title (Heading 1) and intro paragraph above the horizontal buttons. This title and paragraph should be at the top of each page, to maintain consistency. If needed use the reference component to copy content for each page.
  • Ruled line should be added below the buttons
  • For each subsection below the buttons, add section titles (Heading 2)


 How to

1. See list component for setting up a list.

Set up list component


2. Mark Current Page as active in buttons

  • If using horizontal buttons for navigation within a page, select “Mark current page” to highlight the current page in the buttons.


  • To mark a parent page as highlighted. You will need to create a blank parent page, and then redirect it to one of the child pages. This child page will be highlighted as the current page, and replace the parent page.