Director's Welcome

Wishing you a warm welcome to the School of Environmental Science in the Faculty of Environment at Simon Fraser University! I am delighted to be stepping into the role of Director and working with all of you.

The School of Environmental Science aims to train the next generation of environmental scientists so that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address our ongoing local and global environmental challenges. Our undergraduate program provides an interdisciplinary education with a solid background in the physical and biological sciences, anchored by core environmental science courses. We are committed to developing diverse, equitable, and inclusive programs that foster a safe and stimulating environment for learning.

As our society continues to face the challenges associated with climatic and environmental change, environmental scientists are in high demand. The School of Environmental science aims to train our graduates so that they can continue to make positive, ongoing contributions to environmental problem-solving. Our graduates go on to work in a range of positions where they apply what they learned at SFU to real-world environmental problem-solving. These positions include environmental consulting, industry, government, and a wide variety of non-governmental organizations.

Each year, I am continually impressed and inspired by what our students, graduates, postdoctoral associates, faculty, and staff are achieving. We are justifiably proud of the work our students and graduates do, and we heartily welcome and encourage you to join us!

- Dr. Karen Kohfeld, Director and Professor