Co-op education

Co-operative Education combines relevant work experience with academic studies. Participating students alternate semesters on campus and in study-related employment. The program includes pre-employment orientation, career development counselling and workshops, and full-time paid work semesters.

Why participate in co-op?

  • Gain valuable experience
  • Help finance your education
  • Learn essential work search skills
  • Develop superior communication skills
  • Gain better understanding of course work
  • Explore your passion
  • Make connections
  • Access to paid off-campus jobs

When & How to Register?

Visit the FENV Co-op page

*Note there is a max number of credits you can have before enrolling in co-op. For this reason it is encouraged that you apply for the program as early as possible, and at minimum two semesters prior to your intended first co-op work term. 

*International students are suggested to apply for co-op program earlier as it takes around 6 months to receive the co-op work permit.

Please review FENV Career Action Toolkit for SFU volunteering, non-SFU volunteering, and work opportunities. 


Hasini Basnayake

International student with co-op experience at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO).

Nathalie Scott-Hsiung

Co-op experience with Environment Canada - Canadian Wildlife Service.

Vimbikayi Rachel Chimuka

International student with co-op experience at SFU Student Recruitment and Transition.

Sarah Gutzmann

Summer co-op experience in the Arctic - Labrador and Greenland with Parks Canada.