The followings are the terms and references for submitting the request form for the EVSC rental vehicle:

  1. This EVSC vehicle is available to all faculty members for research and teaching purposes, with the first priority going to faculty members who need the vehicle for teaching purposes. The second priority is for EVSC faculty members needing the vehicle for research purposes. The third priority goes to university members outside of EVSC.
  2. If the vehicle is used for teaching EVSC courses, EVSC will cover all costs. If the vehicle is used for researching or other purposes, users will be paying a fee ($0.45/km) to use the vehicle in addition to the fuel cost. Users are required to take pictures of the odometer before and after the vehicle rental use and submit them to EVSC Manager via email <> to calculate the km charge. (*Please also refer to "Important Cost Information" below.)
  3. Users are expected to fill up the gasoline tank everytime after use. If you notice that the truck does not have a full gasoline tank before use, please take a picture and make note of it.
  4. The vehicle rental should be returned with the same gasoline amount as it was picked up. We aim to maintain a full tank after each use.
  5. If more than one rental request is received for teaching purposes for the same day and same time, the requests will be accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  6. All the individuals driving the rental vehicle should have a full driver's license and be in good standing.
  7. All users must be at least full age of 21 years old.
  8. Read the Emergency & Planning guidelines:


There is a $2,000 rental fee to be shared among all users of the vehicle for field-work and other non-teaching purposes from April to October, 2023, and February to March, 2024. For example, if the vehicle is used by four different PIs and units with a total of 75 days in 9 months, the breakdown is as follows:

PI A = 15/75 is 20%, rental share for 15 days is $400 

PI B = 25/75 is 33.33%, rental share for 25 days is $666.67

PI C = 33/75 is 44%, rental share for 33 days is $880 

Other units = 2/75 is 2.67%, rental share for 2 days is $53.33

Other important terms and references from the rental company.

  1. Rental/Lease customers shall be fully liable for all damages if vehicle is used or driven in violation of any laws or this agreement.
  2. All accidents or damage incurred must be reported to the local police and EVSC Manager.
  3. Towing expenses, downtime and any additional expenses incurred as a result of renter negligence, abuse or off paved road use, on private or unmapped roads is at the expense of the renter/lessee.
  4. Prohibited uses of vehicle: (a) In violation of any terms and conditions of the contract. (b) For any illicit or prohibited trade or transportation. (c) By any person under the full age of 21years old. (d) In any race or vehicle speed test (e) By any person while their ability has been impaired by alcohol, illicit drugs, any other intoxicating substance or any prescription medication. (f) Outside the province of British Columbia without prior consent from Zeemac Vehicle Lease Ltd. (g) By any person not specifically named or employed by the company named as the renter of the said vehicle. (h) In violation of any Federal, Provincial or Municipal laws, ordinances, rules or regulations governing the use or operation of motor vehicles.
  5. The renter/lessee will not permit any repairs or alterations to the said vehicle or permit any liens to be placed upon the said vehicle without prior written consent from Zeemac Vehicle Lease Ltd. The renter agrees to pay any and all charges in connection with unauthorized repairs, registered liens or restoring the vehicle to its original condition should such a situation arise.