Environmental Science

Julia Dzgoeva's Work-Study Experience

July 02, 2021

Julia Dzgoeva applied research, communication, and critical thinking in a work-study position.

Julia, a 6th year Environmental Science student recently finished a nine-month work-study position as a research assistant to Dr. Robert Hackett, a professor emeritus in the School of Communication. Her tasks were varied and included both desk and field work in data management and annotating sources, with an added opportunity to participate in grassroots resistance actions for research purposes.

She gained valuable professional experience and explored the role of communications, a topic outside of her field, which she found so valuable that it influenced her future.

“I continued working with Dr. Hackett outside of work-study, and we are presently co-authoring a news media article” says Julia.

What are the benefits of work-study? Julia found that it is very accessible, easier to participate in than a traditional job or Co-op position with flexible hours, and the ability to balance coursework while making money.

Julia gained a lot from her work-study experience, and recommends it to anyone who is interested.