Complex issues become more accessible through conversations so we want to help you spark a discussion in your high school or at home.

The mini-videos below feature a professor from each of our departments in the Faculty of Environment, sharing information on important environmental topics. We hope these will spark a classroom discussion, or a discussion with friends/family. They also offer a glimpse into university studies in the Faculty of Environment.

The discussion topics in the series include:

  • How can cities better protect the personal belongings of the precariously housed?
  • Who's responsible for reducing ocean plastic pollution? Individuals or governments?
  • What are some potential challenges as we move to shared ownership of the province between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples? What are some opportunities?
  • When we are deciding how to use our oceans, how do we determine what is important?

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Complete the short quiz below to earn the Spark a Discussion certificate to add to your portfolio—no studying necessary! All of the answers are in the 4 videos above. 



1. Human Geography professor, Nick Blomely, talks about the challenges for precariously housed individuals having their belongings:
2. According to Environmental Science instructor, Anna Hippmann, there are ______ tons of plastic produced each year.
3. Resource and Environmental Management professor, Andres Cisneros-Montemayor studies:
4. Archaeology professor, John Welch, is currently working on a project involving an 1852 Treaty between the US government and the:



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