Academic advising is available to current students through each specific program. Contact information and office hours are listed below.

Drop-in hours are intended for quick questions only. These could include: being added/swapped into a course or being admitted to a major or minor. Please book an appointment if you need more in-depth advice. This could include, but certainly isn't limited to:

  • Course planning
  • Graduation checks
  • Second degree students
  • Students in academic difficulty

When meeting with an advisor, please bring your advising transcript.

  • BA Geography
  • BA Geography – Environmental Specialty
  • BEnv - Global Environmental Systems (Note: for the Resource and Environmental Management (REM) major, please contact the REM advisor and for the Sustainable Business joint major please contact the Sustainable Business Advisor)
  • BSc Physical Geography
  • BSc Geographic Information Science
  • Minors
  • Spatial Information Systems Certificate
  • Urban Studies Certificate

Academic advisors

Ravinder Multani & Evon Khor | | 778-782-4529| RCB 7126

Available: Check the drop in advising schedule for available times, or book an appointment through email/phone

  • BA - Archaeology (Major, Minor, Extended Minor)
  • Biological Anthropology Certificate
  • Cultural Resource Management Certificate

Academic advisor

Vlad Vintila | | 778-782-3519 | EDU 9638

Available: Wednesday 11:30AM–1:30PM & Thursday 3:00PM–5:00PM

  • BEnv - Resource and Environmental Management Major


  • Sustainable Community Development (Certificate and Post Baccalaureate Diploma)
  • Resource and Environmental Management (REM) Minor

Academic advisor

Iris Schischmanow | | 778-782-5362 | TASC1 8421  

Available: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:00pm to 4:00pm or by appointment.


  • BSc - Environmental Science (Major and Honours)

Academic advisor

Rebecca Ho | | 778-782-9032 | TASC2 8703 (inside the TASC2 8900 corridor) 

Appointments and drop-ins:  On-line Schedule and Appointment Booking

Appointments may be made or cancelled online at least 8 hours in advanceLast minute cancellation will prevent other students from accessing the advising service. 

Please note that drop-in advising is intended for quick questions only: if you need to be added/swapped into a ENV or EVSC course, want to be admitted to a major/minor, etc. For course planning, graduation checks, second degree students, or those in academic difficulty, etc. please book an appointment through the online appointment website. Please bring your advising transcript with you.


  • BEnv - Sustainable Business Joint Major
  • BA - Faculty of Environment Double Minor


  • Environmental Literacy Certificate

Courses  | Programs

  • Environment Courses (ENV)

Academic advisor

Leigh McGregor | | 778-782-8810 | TASC2 8800  

Appointments and drop-ins:  email your requests for a set appointment time (and give a few times you're available) or just drop in to see if I'm there.

The Environmental Co-operative Education Program (or "co-op") integrates work experience with academic studies. Co-op is an exceptional way to aquire career-related experience and finance your education. Work terms consist of 13-17 weeks of paid employment.

Co-op Coordinator
Paul DeGrace
RCB 7130

To explore career options and brainstorming activities that can help you create possibilities in the field of environment, surf here, or contact: 

Brenda Badergo
Career Education Manager
SFU Career Services / Work Integrated Learning