May Farrales

Assistant Professor

Areas of Research

As an interdisciplinary scholar, my teaching and research are animated by questions of racialization, queer politics, and logics of power fundamental to colonial, empire-building, and capitalist projects. Currently, I am engaged in a research program that takes seriously the relationships and politics of people of colour in the racial geographies of settler colonialism. I relate to these questions from my grounding as a Filipinx scholar who is interested in stretching Filipinx diaspora studies to be in dialogue with Critical Indigenous Studies, critical race studies, feminist geographies, queer theory, and Black geographies.


Before joining SFU, I completed a postdoctoral fellowship as a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Trainee at the University of Northern British Columbia. I am currently an editor with the journal ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies.


Teaching this Academic Year

• GEOG 382: People on the Move

• GSWS 312: Immigrants, Women and Transnational Migration