Senior Lecturer Tara Holland reveals the secret sauce of great teaching

March 22, 2024

The winners of the 2023 Awards for Excellence in Teaching were asked what matters most to their teaching. Their responses reveal a consistent commitment to creating flexible learning opportunities, fostering a culture of trust and safety and never forgetting the importance of fun.

Tara Holland commented:

"I see my students as partners in the classroom with me, because I want them to take ownership over their own learning. That may sometimes be a different classroom environment than they are used to, which means I need to demonstrate that it's a safe space. Part of that is showing them that I have empathy and that I care about them as an instructor and a human. And that I care about their success. I think one way this is expressed is when students work on community-engaged projects in my classes. These projects require students to trust each other, trust themselves, trust the process. The feedback that I've had from students is that they felt a responsibility to do a really good job and appreciated that it wasn't just about getting a grade, but about learning through doing work that made a real impact—and that’s something they are really proud of, and so am I."

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Congratulations to Tara on receiving a 2023 Excellence in Teaching Award!