Experiential Learning

‘Experiential learning’ provides you with the opportunity to learn through experience or action.  In Geography, many of our courses are structured to provide opportunities to apply what you are learning in the classroom in real world situations or contexts.  This form of learning often involves hands-on experiences outside of traditional academic settings and may include field trips, laboratory work, project-based learning and community engagement or service learning.

By involving our students in experiential learning, our goal is to promote interdisciplinarity, civic engagement, career development, cultural awareness, leadership, and related skills.

Visit the links below to learn more about the experiential learning opportunities available in Geography. You can also build on the experiential learning opportunities available within our courses by participating in a Co-operative Education and/or Study Abroad placement.

  • GEOG 111
  • GEOG 213
  • GEOG 241
  • GEOG 261
  • GEOG 310
  • GEOG 312
  • GEOG 313
  • GEOG 324
  • GEOG 412
  • GEOG 420
  • GEOG 449
  • GEOG 451/651
  • GEOG 455
  • GEOG 497