Enhance your degree - Add a certificate program (or two)!

Certificates are a great way to add a unique flavour to your degree.  You can specialize with a certificate in an area related to your major or broaden your studies by taking a certificate in a new subject that sparks your interest. 

The Department of Geography offers two certificate programs: the Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate and the Certificate in Urban Studies.  Find out more about these programs below.

Certificate Programs

GIS Certificate

Ever wondered how transit stops are determined or how wildfire evacuation routes are decided?  Learn more about the tools behind these decisions and the processes that go into developing them. Build skills in spatial analysis, and modelling and learn how to communicate spatial data and information in digital form as maps, models and graphics.

Urban Studies Certificate

Explore the city from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  Take courses from a variety of disciplines (Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology, etc.) and be exposed to a range of different perspectives on urban development. This popular certificate is SFU’s only exclusively urban credential at the undergraduate level.

Certificate FAQs

  • Courses taken as part of a certificate program may also be applied towards a degree program
  • Credits applied to one certificate may not be applied to another SFU certificate or diploma
  • Completion of pre-requisites for all certificate courses is required
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required on courses used towards the certificate
  • Students should consult with a Geography Advisor as early as possible for program admission; formal approval is required before completion of a certificate