Leanne Roderick


Areas of Interest:

Leanne Roderick (she/her) is an interdisciplinary political economist, urbanist, and financial geography scholar. Her work centres upon economic and social power and change. She has a wide and versatile range of teaching, research, and advising interests, including: pedagogic innovation; feminist political economy; finance, austerity and debt; vehicle residency in urban space; and, technological innovation and inequality. Dr. Roderick's courses are designed to provoke and refine critical thinking, and facilitate understandings of places and policies that are political, historical, and cognizant of relations of power.   

Dr. Roderick received a BA (Honours) and PhD from Queen’s University in political studies, and a MA in interdisciplinary studies from UBC.  

In 2022, she was the recipient of SFU's Excellence in Teaching Early Career Award.  In 2021, she was the recipient of SFU's Faculty of Arts and Social Science's (FASS) Employee Achievement Award for Excellence for Term Teaching Faculty.

Current research:

  • Innovations in Indigenous Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Environment (2022; 2023)
  • SFU/SSHRC Small Research Grants ('Vehicle Residency in Urban Space: A Pilot Study on Legal Precocity' - with Nick Blomley, 2023)
  • SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grant ('Who Cares?  Student-Instructor Relationalities in Remote Learning Through an Ethic of Care Pedagogy', 2022-2023)


  • Bhagat, Ali, and Leanne Roderick. "Banking on refugees: Racialized expropriation in the fintech era." Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 52, no. 8 (2020): 1498-1515.
  • Roderick, Leanne. "Discipline and power in the digital age: The case of the US consumer data broker industry." Critical Sociology 40, no. 5 (2014): 729-746.