Scott Peters


Program: PhD

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Keller

Education: MSc in International Tourism Development at the University for Surrey, BA in Human Geography at Simon Fraser University

Research description/interests: Tourism, resilience, big data applications, community development, sustainability

Biography: Born and raised in the greater Vancouver area, Scott has been involved with the tourism industry both academically and on the ground as a tour guide, sustainability consultant, and avid traveler for much of the last decade. Most recently he was living in the UK while finishing his MSc but has returned home to Vancouver to complete his PhD. His current research focuses on crisis management and resilience planning for the tourism industry by integrating big data and smart destination practices.

Teaching Assistantships: GEOG 101, 327, 381, 385



Peters, S., Font, X., and Bonilla-Priego, M.J. (2020). Why organizations join voluntary

sustainable tourism associations: Implications for membership and sustainability monitoring

systems. International Journal of Tourism Research, 22(3), pp. 325-335. DOI:

Conference Proceedings

Peters, S., and Keller, P. (2022). Applications and issues of big data in tourism research. Travel

and Tourism Research Association: Advancing Tourism Research Globally. 18.