Stella Harden


Program: PhD

Supervisor: Nadine Schuurman

Education: BS Geography, MA Geography – Appalachian State University

Research description/interests: Feminist GIScience, Health Geography, Crowdsourced Data

Spatial Big Data from Crowdsourced Fitness Applications (Dissertation): My research aims to develop methodologies for analyzing crowdsourced datasets through a feminist GIS perspective. A central component of this work is to propose best practices for big data analysis and utilize crowdsourced data to promote equity in urban mobility.

Teaching Assistantships: GEOG 355 (Fall 2021), GEOG 455W (Spring 2022), GEOG 251 (Fall 2022)

Research Assistantships: RAship Fall 2021 to present


Runkle, J.D., Harden, S.R., Hart, L., Moreno, C., Michael, K., and Sugg, M.M. (2022). Socio-environmental Drivers of Adolescent Suicide in the United States: A Scoping Review. Journal of Rural Mental Health.

Harden, S.R., Runkle, J.D., and Sugg, M.M. (2022). An Exploratory Spatiotemporal Analysis of Socio‑Environmental Patterns in Severe Maternal Morbidity. Maternal & Child Health Journal.

Harden, S.R., Sugg, M.M., Runkle, J.D. (2021). Spatial Clustering of Adolescent Bereavement in the U.S. During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Adolescent Health.

Andersen, L.M., Harden, S.R., Sugg, M.M., Runkle, J.D., and Lundquist, T. (2021). Analyzing the Spatial Determinants of Local Covid-19 Transmission In The United States. Science of the Total Environment.

Runkle, J.D., Sugg, M.M., Yadav, S., Harden, S.R., Weiser, J., and Michael, K. (2021). Real-time Mental Health Crisis Response in U.S. to COVID-19: Insights from a National Text-based Platform. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention.

Sugg, M.M., Spaulding, T., Lane, S., Runkle, J.D., Harden, S.R., Hege, A., and Iyer, L. (2021). Mapping Community-Level Determinants of COVID-19 Transmission in Nursing Homes: A multi-scale approach. Science of the Total Environment.