Allison Westin - Soils Program Manager, Agricultural Land Comission

Allison Westin is a graduate of the SFU Physical Geography program and currently works with the Government of British Columbia's Agricultural Land Commission.  Learn more about Allison's career path in the overview below.

Allison Westin

Agricultural Land Commission

Allison graduated with a BSc in Physical Geography and an MSc in Earth Sciences, both from Simon Fraser University. During her SFU studies, Allison participated in workplace co-op, research assistantships, teaching, and both the Geography and Earth Sciences Student Unions. She has worked in private environmental consulting for forestry terrain hazards, residential geohazards, and agrology as well as Federal and Provincial government, recently joining the Agricultural Land Commission in 2019.

Previous experience also includes coordinating First Nation final agreements, preparing of food and soils for laboratory trace metals analysis, and conducting chinook salmon counts on the Fraser River. She has been an active member of Engineers and Geoscientists BC since 2013, serving as both a Tri-City board executive and a member of the Editorial Board. Allison has also been an invited speaker for the Soroptimist Society and the BC Institute of Agrologists.

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