Connect with Us

So many entries in this year’s alumni newsletter point to the many changes in our lives brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. How we gather and socialize has been transformed in the past many months. Since the Spring of 2020, our departmental social events have been hosted entirely online. At first the Communications & Events Committee was unsure of how successful our new virtual events would be. We had to bid adieu to some in-person favourites, such as our semesterly GeoCafe where faculty and staff get together to socialize while sampling baked goods. But we introduced some new winners, such as a virtual music bingo social that ran in January 2021. We have been very happy to see excellent attendance at our virtual departmental seminars, and their online format has allowed us to host speakers from afar that we could otherwise not invite for in-person talks.

In August, 2020 we finally decided to open a Twitter account. If you’re a Twitter user, please follow us at @GeogSFU. We’re regularly posting event information and other opportunities for departmental alumni to remain involved and updated. Our alumni group on LinkedIn is active and if you’re a LinkedIn user and not part of it then please do consider joining. In January, 2021 we decided to deactivate our Facebook page as it was not supporting our communications goals. If you were following that page as a way to stay up-to-date on departmental happenings then we encourage you to now do so via Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you have suggestions for how we should reach out to alumni members or want more information about our departmental events and communications, please reach out to me at


Valorie Crooks
Professor and Chair, Communications & Events Committee