Susanne Bell - Senior GIS Administrator

Susanne Bell is a Senior GIS Administrator with TransLink – Metro Vancouver’s regional and multimodal transportation authority – where she works as a core team member responsible for improvements to TransLink’s Regional Transportation Model and improved GIS access and administration. Since joining TransLink in 2006, she has been actively involved in the planning and development of various long-term transit plans to help identify local area and regional service needs as well as open data and visualization solutions such as the Transit Service Performance Review Data Mapping tool (

Susanne has worked in the planning and data science fields for over 20 years, working as a System Administrator, Database Developer and Planner in both the private and public sectors. Her work has included asset management solutions for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, public consultation on the Highway 10 expansion project,  Official Community Plans, policy and by-law amendments, Multi-modal area transportation planning, bus service-SkyTrain integration planning,  as well as many data innovation and automation projects.  Susanne is trained as an Urban Planner and GIS specialist, with a combination of data management and desktop publishing from BCIT, various planning and leadership training courses throughout her career, and holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Geography, from Simon Fraser University.

Susanne Bell