What is an Agrologist Anyway?

Agrologists use their understanding of the environment, the economy, and land and water systems to protect the integrity of our land and food systems and promote long-term environmental sustainability.

As an Agrologist, you will combine hands-on field work with a variety of research, data analysis and reporting activities.  You may also be involved in collaborating with experts in related fields to develop policy, provide advice or create educational resources.

Agrologists work for a wide range of government, environmental and commercial agencies across four main areas of practice.  These areas are related to:

  •   the sustainable use of land and water resources
  •   environmental assessment, restoration and monitoring
  •   the production and management of agriculture and/or livestock
  •   food safety and biosecurity

Some sample Agrologist-related job titles include: Crop Risk Specialist, Environmental Restoration Technologist, Range Agrologist, Land Assessment Coordinator, Soils Supervisor, and Policy Analyst.


Within BC, registration as a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) will soon be required to provide all agrology-related services. As a student in our Physical Geography major you can pursue the coursework required for P.Ag. registration as part of your degree.  Doing so ensures you will graduate ready to become an Articling Agrologist, the first step in becoming fully registered to practice.

Visit our Professional Accreditation page to find out more about the path to becoming a registered professional agrologist!