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Publication - Quinlingualism in Maghreb?

July 09, 2019

Department of Linguistics Associate Professor Dr. Suzanne Hilgendorf and her graduate student Bouchra Kachoub celebrate a milestone today.

The article that they co-authored together, Quinlingualism in the Maghreb?: English Use in Moroccan Outdoor Advertising, was published today in the peer-reviewed journal English Today, which is published by Cambridge University Press. 


The widespread use of English in advertising around the world has received considerable attention in recent decades. A number of researchers have looked at this practice in European countries such as France, Germany, Greece, and Italy (e.g. Martin, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008; Hilgendorf & Martin, 2001; Oikonomidis, 2003; Vettorel, 2013). Other scholars have examined this phenomenon in various contexts in Asia, for instance in India, Iran, and Russia (e.g. Bhatia, 1987, 1992, 2006, 2007, 2012; Ustinova & Bhatia, 2005; Bhatia & Baumgardner, 2008; Baumgardner & Brown, 2012). One part of the world, however, drawing relatively little scholarly attention to date has been the Maghreb region of northern Africa.

Kachoub, Bouchra, & Hilgendorf, Suzanne K. (n.d.). Quinlingualism in the Maghreb?: English Use in Moroccan Outdoor Advertising. English Today, 1-14. doi:10.1017/S0266078419000221


DR. SUZANNE HILGENDORF is Associate Professor of Linguistics at Simon Fraser University in Canada, with expertise in Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Foreign Language Pedagogy. Her primary research area is World Englishes, especially the Expanding Circle and English use in Germany/Europe. She has published in peer-reviewed encyclopedias, edited volumes, and journals, including Language Policy, and (co-)edited special issues of World Englishes (2007) and Sociolinguistica (2013). She served as President of the International Association for World Englishes from 2013 to 2014.

BOUCHRA KACHOUB received her MA degree in Applied Linguistics from Ohio University and is currently a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Her areas of research interest include Sociolinguistics, Second/ Foreign Language Learning, and Language Policy. Bouchra is particularly interested in the spread and use of English in the Expanding Circle country of Morocco vis-à-vis the multiple languages already in use. Her primary focus is in the domains of advertising, education, and media.