Linguistics Student Union Events - Summer 2019

June 19, 2019

The LSU represents all linguistics majors, minors, and anyone taking a LING class... this could very well include you!

Here are some opportunities to connect with fellow students in the LSU (Linguistics Student Union) this summer, and more details can be found on the LSU Facebook group.

LSU Presents: Explore Your Path 


Looking for insight into postgraduate programs? Looking for advice on preparing your application? Looking to explore career paths after a Linguistics BA?

Come meet alumni from SFU Linguistics at our upcoming free event, LSU Presents: Explore Your Path. Guest speakers will share how their experiences have helped them successfully apply to a variety of academic and professional programs, including speech-language pathology, medicine, law, and computational linguistics. Students will have a chance to learn about their journeys through speaker presentations, a panel discussion, and Q&A. 

Summer Barbecue

Saturday, July 6th 1pm, Burnaby Mountain Park

What's that smell...? It must be the smell of sunscreen, the grill, and the study of language. Don't pass up the chance to have barbecue in the name of linguistics!

Study Night

Wednesday, June 19th, 5PM BLU10901

Get together with other linguistics students, share knowledge, and get some work done! There will be *free food* and people from the Writing Centre providing crucial tips and guidance.