What is Mechatronic Systems Engineering?

Want to make a lasting difference in the world? Mechatronic systems engineers use electrical, mechanical and computer engineering to solve problems with the most elegant and efficient answers. From sensors that detect when a senior could fall over to the best-possible candy-making equipment, our students and faculty create the intelligent machines of the future in one of the fastest-growing career fields.

Why study Mechatronic Systems Engineering at SFU?

As an undergraduate, the first half of your degree immerses you in the toolkit required to create electrical and mechanical systems that can make decisions on their own. In the second half of your degree, you’ll specialize and apply your technical knowledge to creating novel solutions to real-world problems.

Practical applications

For many students, the most important aspect of their MSE studies is real-world experience. Your program includes a mandatory co-op component, which pays you to hone your skills in cutting-edge industry placements – 86% of co-op students tell us their first job came through the contacts they made in co-op.

You will also conclude your degree with a Capstone Project. This allows you to solve an engineering problem of your choosing – which can mean anything from building a better Formula One car to developing the best-ever motorcycle helmet. Some students take their inventions to the next level by pursuing product launches based on their projects.


Mechatronic Systems Engineering Bachelor of Applied Science Major


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Mechatronics Systems Engineering and Business Double Degree Program


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Mechatronics Systems Engineering Bachelor of Applied Science Honours


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