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Drop-In Advising

Burnaby Advising

Drop-in advising is available for students in the Burnaby-based Applied Sciences programs every day. Extended hours are available during enrollment periods and beginning of semester.

Online advising schedule 


Zhejiang Dual Degree Program Advising

Students in the SFU-Zhejiang University Dual Degree Program (Burnaby campus) should see DDP advisor Danyu Zhao. Please check the advising schedule to see when she is advising.


Surrey Program Advising

Drop-in advising is also available at the Surrey Campus for students in the Software Systems and Mechatronic Sytems Engineering degree programs.

Online advising schedule 


Booked Advising

Booked advising appointments are 15 minutes in length, and are recommended for more complicated advising issues. Booked advising is available on Wednesdays from 4:30-7:30pm or by special arrangement. To book an appointment, please see the online advising schedule.

Please Note:

Please bring a copy of your advising transcript (sorted by Term) with you to all advising sessions. You can bring a hard (paper) copy, or a soft (displayed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone) copy. The advising transcript can be generated from the Student Information System at Students with transcripts will be seen before those without transcripts.

General advising questions can also be emailed to us at:


FAS Advising FAQs:

Expected response times to inquiries sent to as or and when to resend your message

Response time to emails sent to and is approximately 2-3 business days during non-peak periods and 3-5 business days during peak periods.

*Please do not resend your message if it has been 5 business days or less since you last sent it. Resent messages add a significant amount of volume to our email and consequently, they slow down our overall response times to all students.* 

If you do need to follow up, please go to your last sent message and use the 'reply-all' function so that we can see your last message.

Drop-in advising vs scheduling an advising appointment

Most students find drop-in advising is the best option for one-to-one advising. There are also booked appointments if you can't make the drop-in times. If you can't make any our scheduled advising hours (drop-in or booked), we will try to accommodate your request by email or schedule a phone appointment.

I am having trouble with the registration system and just want to talk to someone ASAP

If you have a problem involving the registration system, the best resource on campus is Student Services. They are also available via live chat. 

I have the prerequisites for the courses I want to enroll in, but the system won't let me register

This could be one of several issues:

  • Is your CGPA below 2.4? All CMPT courses 200, 300, and 400 level and ENSC courses 300 and 400 level require that students with a CGPA below 2.4 visit a FAS advisor before registering. Students must request permission in person (unless they are on a co-op semester). This can be done well before a student's enrollment appointment.
  • Engineering Students: Have you declared your option and is your CGPA 2.4 or higher? All ENSC courses 300 and 400 level require students to have declared their option and have a CGPA of 2.4 or higher prior to enrollment. Declare your option online if you have completed a co-op or started in Engineering Science prior to Fall 2013. If you started in Engineering Science in Fall 2013 or later and do not have a co-op completed or your CGPA is below 2.4 (and would like to enroll in 300 or 400 level ENSC courses) visit a FAS advisor before registering. Students must request permission in person. This can be done well before a student's enrollment appointment.
  • Transfer Students and 2nd Degree Students: Sometimes your complete record has not been evaluated.  If you believe you have the prerequisite, please take your transcripts and course outlines to the advisor for the subject of the course you'd like to register for (for CMPT, ENSC and MACM 101 see FAS Advising).
  • Sometimes the course shows as available (green circle) despite the course waitlist being full. In this case, the available seats are reserved. You may add yourself to the waitlist or gain permission to be added to the waitlist by a FAS advisor. Reserves are lifted on the open enrollment date and time each semester. 

In most cases, you will get the fastest response by seeing an advisor in person. We will respond by email, but can't guarantee we will respond in a time frame fast enough to register you in an available seat.

I'm on the waitlist and the system doesn't register me - what should I do?

Waitlists will enroll you if:

  • You are at the top of the waitlist
  • There is a spot in all course components you need (Lab, Lecture, Tutorial etc.)
  • Your pre-requisites are correct/complete in the system
  • You don’t have a conflict with another class/exam

If you are at the top of the waitlist, and see space in an alternate lab or tutorial, change your preference to that tutorial to access the course.

Note: waitlists no longer run as of the 5th instructional day of the semester (if school starts on a Tuesday, waitlists stop running on Monday at 11:59PM). After that you need to see the advisor for the program that offers the course to gain access (ENSC, MSE, CMPT, MACM 101 are FAS advising courses).

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Advising Office Locations

Burnaby - ASB 9941
Click to view Burnaby map (PDF)

Surrey - Room 4076, FAS Central
Galleria 4