2004 corn mother

Corn Mother v. Childless Corn, the Terminator Gene (GMO)

Corn Mother art series reflects upon Indigenous logic of Home/Land Place and her Beings, such as corn, water, rain snow, bears, snakes, Supernaturals, and insects. the series compares aboriginal logic about specific living Beings with modern scientific ideas and philosophies that have led to global warming, the terminator strain of Monsanto corn, fouled air and water, and expresses social commentary through fabric-based artworks, poetry and prose. 

Corn Mother are hand sewn by one person, in order to claim solidarity with those in relationship the ancient act of Making. Making is political activism, a social statement, a sacrifice, conscious resistance to mechanization and homogenization, and an act of survival; one who can Make/Create will always be able to eat. 

Named for aboriginal Corn, Corn Mother, in honour of her body and spirit, her sacredness, and the power of reproduction, and the effect upon all living beings, speaks to seed sovereignty, the UN Right to food, and food security.