2005 cedar trash lives again

Tree of Life, the aromatic, healing, sheltering, traveling, housing Cedar Tree, lives in massive forests with many of our relatives; hemlock, bears, fish, Sasquatch.

at Burnaby Mountain, SFU, Cedars and others felt the hard sharp teeth of the chainsaw. wishing to salvage the bark and withes for student work, to teach them the logic of this place, i began planning my gathering work. my quest for university permission to gather was problematic, yet humorous. taking the bark was considered theft, the university spokesman said, and if caught, i would be arrested for my crime. arrested! when queried about where the bark was going (what was someone else using it for?), the university spokesperson said it was trash and was going to the landfill.

Cedar "trash" as the developers called it, is the skin of The Tree of Life (the beautiful Cedar, my dear Friend). A little pulling, separating, sorting, and peeling again, bark from felled and lying down trees gave me enough materials to share with several classes of students, and enough for this art project.

enough. trash.