2015 ayotzinapa light/dark (Se los Llevaron, Los queremos!)

Where are our bright future leaders, the Ayotzinapa 43,

and others, all of those men, women, and children,

those made ‘disappeared’,

our maimed, buried in bunches,

we, taken by state-sponsored and domestic violence, full lives taken before they had their chance to make good in this sad world

a world who needs them, every one.

Them, Us.

Where is our great crime, that made them, take us, torture us, kill us? Teaching, planting, making songs and dances to and for our beautiful planet, that we all may continue.

Taken alive, are the men somewhere in the hill land of the growing pines or along shining lake shores?, those beautiful natural places that are what we are – soil, light, water. 

Taken in the night, are they now, the things we return to, soil, rain, ashes.

light/dark (Se los Llevaron, Los queremos!) is a prayer and a memorial, with Marigolds, Toad - the bringer of Rain, Earth Lord, Corn, and the Sacred Heart of both Mother Mary and Resurrected Jesus. Thanks to all those who give, all who sacrifice, that this Mother Earth may be loved, protected, those who lived in a way so that our Life-Givers continue.