2005 - 2007 happy birthday super cheaper

Happy Birthday Super Cheaper (HBSC) is an art series made up of scavenged items, found in trash, on the ground, or in thrift stores.  HBSC questions the concept of inanimate, as if something could be not-alive, yet hold its form for years, these objects in the form of animals represent species in our consciousness or imagination, or at least, in our visual memory.  Each animal, as if it were an Animal (i.e.; Supernatural), has been considered, and a special set of clothing made especially for each one, honoring, and transforming a Being from refuse (one that was once cast away) into 'art.', the wool used here is from a trading post on the Navajo reservation and also from the thrift store.  The cast offs, the forgotten ones, the expendable 'trash' are here now, dressed in their finery, as if attending a fancy birthday party or grand ball. They are all gathered together, each sees the other for their worth, and at the party there is more than enough to eat and nourishing things to drink.

Happy Birthday Super Cheaper is about how work, attention, time, will and stubbornness transforms trash, re-creates it, here, into objects or people of high rank.  it is about the transformative power of handwork, to the maker and the receiver, and the solidarity of the hermitage; those of us who are weavers, ditch diggers, fry cooks, maids, and monks.