2010 - 2011 neskolith lake

(in honor of Me7wíktlmen: Neskie Arrow Manuel, d. 2011)

the painting is about young people who have so much to give, and do, and who leave us so early, in a time when many communities are struggling for justice (economic and social), and we need them.  it is about loving someone, missing them, and having them, forever, in the beautiful Nature.

Neskie, Chief Judy Wilson of Neskonlith said: 

"He took on his family's leadership values at a young age. His grandfather, George Manuel, was a founder of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and his father Arthur is an internationally-recognized expert on aboriginal rights and title.  But Neskie made his own way with courage and humility. Community members valued him as their Band Councilor. They felt that what they had to say really mattered to him. Neskie believed in people and they believed in him."